A New Art Form

We are asking for $8,888.88 to support Lucky Day Art becoming a new art category and to show that 8 is indeed a lucky number and it’s use will help us in achieving our goals.

We offer two rewards; one at $8.88, the other at $8,888.88

The $8.88 pledge is very important since money alone will not create a new art category, but having a meaningful number of backers at this level may be just enough to make others in the art world take notice of what is happening here and perhaps get them to support it too.

The $8,888.88 reward–which there is only one–is meant to show that a piece of questionable art can generate that amount of money, not because of the quality of that art, but rather because it was created on 8/8, a date which may have special significance to the backer.

We look at this project as being the first chapter in the Lucky Day Art story. We hope that you will want to be part of this chapter and others to come.

$8.88 Pledge Reward

You receive a mailed “Lucky Day Art” thank you card wishing you good fortune in 2016.

$8,888.88 Pledge Reward (one only)

Is a choice of one of three original one-of-a-kind art pieces created on 8/8/2015, meant to bring good fortune to the backer.